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Discover if you have the same entrepreneurial personality type as the world's greatest entrepreneurs.

1 I enjoy getting into new situations where I can't predict how things will turn out.
True False
2 I like to act on impulse.
True False
3 It is important to me to get plenty of rest and quiet time.
True False
4 I enjoy trying new things whenever possible.
True False
5 I like to follow established ways of doing things.
True False
6 I like to have new and exciting experiences even if they are frightening at first.
True False
7 When I'm interested in a project, I need less sleep.
True False
8 I am a creative problem solver.
True False
9 I like to be "wild" and uninhibited and go fast.
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10 I am always investing in good books and advice to help me improve my life situation.
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Did you know, virtually all self-made millionaires, billionaires, leaders & captains of industry have the same personality type?

Notable Entrepreneurs
with this personality type are:

Richard Branson, Virgin empire
Bill Gates, Microsoft
P. Diddy, Bad Boy Entertainment
Ben Cohen, Ben & Jerry's
Steve Jobs, Apple and Pixar
Oprah Winfrey, Harpo, Inc.
Thomas Edison, General Electric
Walt Disney ... and many more.

What are the qualities of this personality type?
You like thrill, excitement and risk
You are a highly creative problem solver
You are impulsive in nature
You are ambitious and industrious
You have tons of energy for things you are interested in
You love to be the hero in an emergency

Does this sound like you?

Discover the Secret Power
of Your Entrepreneurial Personality.

All of the great entrepreneurs listed above know the secret to their personality type and they use it to their advantage. That's what has allowed them to become so successful.

It turns out Leonardo da Vinci had the same personality type too. That's why this entrepreneurial personality type is now called the "DaVinci type" personality.

Less than 10% of the world's population has this rare personality type. Do you?

DaVinci type entrepreneurs either tend to do phenomenally well or they crash and burn. Sorry, but there's not much middle ground for this personality type.

Learn the secret to harnessing your unique DaVinci type personality; just like the world's most successful entrepreneurs have. A new book, The DaVinci Method will show you how ...

Are You The Next Rebel Billionaire?

Richard Branson – the rebel self-made billionaire of Virgin – obviously is a DaVinci type entrepreneur. This temperament makes him a risk taker, a thrill seeker, and a rebel, but most of all it makes him a brilliant entrepreneur. This has helped him build an empire out of the Virgin brand. Do you have a similar opportunity?

(Did you know? Bill Gates' appetite for risk has made him infamous for driving his Porsche recklessly fast, and he has felt such affinity with Leonardo da Vinci that he bought one of his notebooks for $30 Million. “I've been fascinated by Da Vinci's work since I was 10," confesses Gates.)

Remember virtually all wildly successful entrepreneurs have the DaVinci type personality trait – the only difference between all of them and you is that they intuitively know how to use the secret strengths that come with their DaVinci temperament, and maybe you don't. … That is, until now …

The secret to your success as a DaVinci type entrepreneur involves minimizing common neurotic expressions of your personality, such as:

- Procrastination
- Distractibility
- Irritability
- Addiction
- Listlessness & Depression
- Feeling like a Fraud
- Fear of Success

In order to avoid these negative side effects and enjoy the incredible capacity you share with the highest achievers in the world, you must know how to manage your uniquely powerful personality type.

The DaVinci Method details how you can leverage your personality type the same way all great entrepreneurs have, leading to health, wealth and happiness. Because of your DaVinci type personality, you are capable of amazing genius and ingenuity, but first you have to learn how to get out of your own way.

Now is the time to learn how to use your great power to your advantage. Discover how in The DaVinci Method ...

Are You a "Renaissance Man"?

How does your personality relate to the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci? Da Vinci – arguably the greatest artist & inventor ever – clearly was a risk taker and was great at starting projects (sometimes not so good at finishing them), but he used his temperament to propel himself to greatness. You can too. How did he do it? He knew the secret - the same one that we reveal in the DaVinci Method.

Did you know that Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were ridiculed by their grade-school teachers as “problem students” because of their DaVinci type personalities? What saved these men can save you too. What made them great can do the same for you.

Did you know the first great American Entrepreneur, Benjamin Franklin was probably very similar in temperament to you?

Take the same journey from struggling to greatness taken by Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and all the other great creators and thought leaders who had the DaVinci temperament, just like you.

Are You a Great Leader at Heart?

What makes great leaders is the ability to connect with people and the ability to constantly adapt in order to be leading in the most relevant way for each moment.

Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and all had the DaVinci temperament. Great politicians and charismatic leaders all tend to have the DaVinci personality type.

What's the difference between all of these people who have used their DaVinci temperament to succeed, and the rest who have this temperament, but just crash and burn and struggle?

You'll find out when you read The DaVinci Method:

In The DaVinci Method you will learn:

  • How to set your mind free and discover your true calling.
  • The Habits of Rebel Billionaires – Learn the habits the rebel billionaires use to make their DaVinci temperament work for them – not against them. (These habits are not well known because they don't work for average people – only those with the DaVinci temperament have the energetic capacity necessary for these habits to work.)
  • Why the DaVinci temperament can make you afraid to succeed and how to eliminate that fear.
  • The difference between your DaVinci type brainwave predisposition and other people's. Once you know how to use this information you'll be able to tap a level of genius very few people have access to.
  • How substances affect your mind differently than other people. What foods and substances will help people with DaVinci type personalities and what foods and substances will stifle your brilliance. Hint: Stimulants like caffeine can make you ineffective – we'll tell you how and why.
  • The 2 ways to handle your impulses – one way will make you crazy – the other way will make you brilliant.
  • Why you procrastinate – how to understand it and how to make it work for you.
  • From Repressed to Prolific Genius: How to release your DaVinci mind to think the way Leonardo Da Vinci's did – prolifically, without boundaries – in brilliance.
  • Your unique DaVinci power of hyper-focus – a superhuman ability you were born with, how to harness this amazing strength to crush any challenge.
  • Why the DaVinci temperament often leads to compulsive behavior & addiction – how to avoid this and how to heal it.
  • The mysterious “sixth sense” that comes with the DaVinci temperament and how to tap into it.

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Think & Grow Rich
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Many millionaires have credited their fortunes to the principles outlined in this book. Napoleon Hill set out to find a practical formula that people with DaVinci type personalities (he had a different name for this) could use to generate wealth, happiness, and overall success.

He interviewed over 504 successful DaVinci type entrepreneurs:

  • Henry Ford
  • Thomas Edison
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Dr. Alexander Graham Bell

"Whatever success I may have attained I owe, entirely, to the application of your 17 fundamental principles of the Law of Success. I believe I have the honor of being your first student."

Founder of Wrigley's Chewing Gum

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This Book will change your Life! , August 4, 1999
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I have read many self development books yet it was this book that made me finally understand how simple it really is. Success in all areas of your Life is not hard to attain at all-- that is of course, if you know the game and how to play it!

I can not stress enough the positive impact that you will see happen in your life and the people's lives around you when you read this book and apply the principles and affirmations. You will begin to see all your dreams start to come true right before your eyes and you'll find yourself saying, "I can't believe it was that simple..."

If you won't invest in The DaVinci Method for yourself, do it for your kids. Because the DaVinci temperament is genetic, chances are your kids have it if you do. Most DaVinci type children learn to not trust themselves, feel inferior, frustrated and have low self-esteem all because they were raised by parents and teachers who didn't understand them and never witnessed to their brilliance.

What did the mothers of Richard Branson & Thomas Edison do differently?

Find out in The DaVinci Method. I'll show you how to raise your children to build trust in their access to prolific genius, have high self-worth and love themselves enough to be wildly successful.

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